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Five electrical upgrades for a quick home facelift.

Spring is in the air, but we’re stuck at home gazing at the same four walls. If you’re anything like us, this means you’re suddenly looking around and thinking it may be time for a little home facelift. The good news is that there are a lot of things that can quickly change the look and feel of your home using nothing more than a good eye and the help of an electrician. Here are our top five ideas for a quick home upgrade.

Under-cabinet (and over-cabinet!) lighting at an IES install in Prosper.

  1. Replace dated light fixtures. There’s nothing that drags a home back into the 90s (or 70s, or 80s) than the light fixtures that came with the house (or, worse, were part of an old remodel). Thanks to the internet, it’s really easy to pick out new, pretty fixtures that speak to your style — and will be delivered right to your door. All your electrician needs to do is swap it out, and you’re suddenly in the 21st century, again. Pro tip: want a good first impression? Foyer lights are often the last to be updated, probably because they’re usually on high ceilings and hard to reach. Update that fixture, and people will be impressed with your style the moment they walk in the door.

  2. Install under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is an inexpensive way to add a big pop of drama to your kitchen. Even better, it doubles as task lighting, making meal prep easier (and much more glamorous).

  3. Replace (or add) ceiling fans. Ceiling fans don’t just feel good, they also help cut heating and cooling costs by circulating the air in your home better. And these days, the variety of fans available is staggering and inspiring. From super-modern to steampunk, to tropical, you can easily find your style. And don’t forget your front porch! Ceiling fans can make your front porch into a lovely, breezy place to sit. Just ask your electrician for details.

  4. Light up your outdoor spaces. With good weather, a lot of us start to think of barbecuing and al fresco dining. Now is a really good time to add outdoor lighting around your patio space, both for better task lighting, but also to add drama to your landscape. Think about lights around your grill, deck rail lights, landscape lights along paths, and even perhaps lighting up a water feature. Want a romantic feel? Try stringing cafe lights across your patio or outside dining area. Just have your electrician add an outdoor receptacle for you and make sure your circuits can handle the load.

  5. Install dimmer switches. This seems like a small thing, but there’s nothing that changes the feel of a room faster than being able to tone down the glare of the overhead lights for a more relaxing setting. Feeling even more adventurous? They now make smart lighting control switches that allow you to control the lights (and the mood) throughout your home straight from your smartphone.

Outdoor cafe lighting makes a romantic eating area in your backyard.

And this is just the start! You’d be surprised how much a few little lighting tweaks can change the style of your home. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a licensed electrician perform the actual electrical work for you — but the creative design genius can be yours alone!

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