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Electrical Upgrades that Could Help Sell Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may not think about your electrical systems as part of your preparation. But it’s a good idea to take a look at your current electrical situation to ensure everything is updated and ready to please potential new owners, especially if you’re in a tight housing market. Here are a few electrical upgrades that can help sell your house.

Modern Fixtures

Antique things are nice, but they also weren’t built to today’s high standards. Updating all your old fixtures like overhead lights or ceiling fans will create a more desirable, modern feel for the home and give potential buyers a good first impression.

Replacing outlet and switch covers is another simple upgrade that can help your house show better. The plastic coverings can become discolored over time, making your house look dingy and old. Replace them with some fresh, clean covers to freshen up your space, especially if you’ve already re-painted.

You might also want to think about installing some fancy luxury electrical upgrades like “smart” devices, LED lighting, dimmers, or heated floors to really make your house really stand out.

Outdoor and Security Lighting

When selling your home, curb appeal is everything. It’s a potential buyer’s first impression of your house, and it counts!

Exterior lighting can really make your house shine (literally). It adds a sense of luxury that homebuyers want - which can help your home sell faster. Good outdoor lighting will also boost your home’s security, which is another aspect that buyers look for in a new home.

Enough Outlets

The more devices we get, the more places we need to plug them in. What’s more frustrating than needing to charge your phone and not being able to find an open outlet!?

When touring homes, homebuyers are looking at every little detail of the house to see if it’ll suit their lifestyle. Believe it or not, that can include counting outlets.

Make sure your house has plenty of outlets to appease high-tech buyers. There should be multiple outlets in each room—especially in convenient places like near TV cable outlets, behind nightstands, and in bathrooms.

If you really want to impress homebuyers, upgrade your traditional outlets to offer more features:

  • USB outlets (to charge devices right from the outlet!)

  • TRR outlets (tamper-resistant outlets are ideal for families)

  • Switched outlets

  • Smart outlets

Panel Upgrade

Homes that are 20 to 30 years old weren’t built to handle today’s high-tech lifestyle. Nobody had multiple TVs, routers, devices, computers, and appliances running simultaneously, and the houses were built to reflect that.

Many older homes have a 60-amp electrical panel. While it was suitable at the time, it’s definitely not enough to handle modern energy loads.

Panel upgrades are a quick and easy way to boost your home value. While most potential buyers won’t check your panel as they tour the home, an old panel will come up during the home inspection and could cause you to lose buyers or even owe more money at closing to cover upgrade costs.

Get an Electrical Code Inspection

If your home isn’t up to code, the home inspector will find out. Once it’s out in the open, it could scare off potential buyers, cost you money in closing costs, and cause major headaches during the buying process.

Before putting your home on the market, it’s a good idea to get an electrical code inspection to make sure everything is ready to sell. That way, there won’t be any nasty—and costly—surprises.

The professionals at IES Home Services can help. We can perform a thorough inspection of your house to identify any areas that need improvement. If you’d like to make any changes or upgrades to your electrical systems, we can help with that too!

We’ve worked with Dallas-Fort Worth area homeowners for almost 50 years, helping them create safe living spaces that can handle all their electrical needs. Contact us for a quote on electrical upgrades and get the best value for your house.

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