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Home electrical upgrades that will cut your electrical bill

We're fast approaching air conditioner season (heck, we’re already in it, really), so it’s pretty much a guarantee that our electricity bills are going to go up. But did you know that there are some electrical upgrades you can make that will actually help you save money over time?

Here are our top energy-saving electrical hacks:

  1. Replace your appliances with more efficient versions. Home appliances — from washers to heating systems — use a large amount of energy in our homes. Old air conditioning systems and refrigerators are particularly due for replacement; technology advances have made versions (less than 10 years old) much more efficient than old ones.

  2. Add ceiling fans. Why would you install a ceiling fan, you ask, when you have perfectly good air conditioning? It’s a matter of airflow: hot air rises, and cold air sinks. By keeping the air moving throughout the home you keep the cold air from puddling around your ankles. They also use much less energy than air conditioners, so on those not-so-hot days, you can save money by using them instead.

  3. Update your light fixtures. Lighting can account for up to a third of your overall energy costs. An easy update is just using more efficient light bulbs. They make great LED bulbs these days that have good color temperature (how warm the light is) and use much less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. It’s also a good idea to swap out some light fixtures for modern versions made to work with LED. LED under cabinet lighting is a great way to light your kitchen workspaces without using much energy.

  4. Solar-powered landscape lighting. How many of us leave an outdoor light on so nobody trips coming up to our door? Try lining your pathway with solar lights instead, and installing other solar-powered outdoor lighting fixtures. Sun is plentiful in the summer— when we most need to counteract those air conditioning costs — and modern solar light fixtures work really well, with bright light and long-lasting charges. They even make solar powered security lights.

These are just five ideas to save a little energy (and money!) this summer. Of course, for an in-depth look, it’s always a good idea to get a home energy audit from your local utility company. And remember, if you need help installing those light fixtures or smart thermostats, it’s always best to call a licensed electrician. We’re here to help!

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