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10 Electrical upgrades that will bring luxury into your life (and won’t necessarily break the bank)

Updated: Feb 28

Who doesn’t want a little luxury in their life? We certainly do. And sometimes you can get a

lot of luxury from just a small upgrade to your home. It’s the little touches that make life easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. Even better, when it comes to these luxe electrical upgrades, some aren’t even that expensive.

The top 10 luxury electrical upgrades you should ask your electrician about:

1) Outlets with USB adapters. Yup, you read that right. Instead of a table full of USB adapters for charging your devices (and never having an adapter when you need one), you can now get an outlet with the adapters built right in. Have your electrician swap out your outlets in a few key locations and simplify your charging dramatically. We call that kind of convenience real luxury.

2) LED strip lights. This doesn't seem like a big thing, but the difference it makes to the look of your home can be dramatic. Extremely low-profile and low-energy, these strip lights create a luxurious, layered lighting look when added to your staircases, above your crown molding, along shelves, under kitchen cabinets, and even outdoors along pathways and behind rock walls. The possibilities are endless… and the effect is gorgeous.

3) "Smart" upgrades. This is the modern home: everything from refrigerators that order groceries to smart switches, doorbells, sprinkler systems, security systems, and wireless connected thermostats. Asking your electrician to install these little gadgets allows you to control and access everything from an app on your device. That's the ultimate convenience.

4) Spas and saunas and steam showers. It’s hardly news that adding a spa, sauna, or steam shower will add relaxation and luxury to your life, but it still had to be on this list. Even better, did you know they make free-standing saunas that can be installed simply with the help of an electrician? Now you do. (Plus, we just installed the wiring for a steam shower in someone's home last week, so we have steam showers on the brain.)

5) Dimmers (we’re not kidding!). Ok, this hardly sounds luxury on the surface, but swapping some of your light switches to dimmers can add drama and allow you to set lighting moods. It’s a small change that can make a big difference to how relaxing a room feels. (On a side note; if you already have dimmers but they get hot to the touch when the light is on, you might need to have them replaced! Give us a call and we can help.)

6) Heated floors. We know from personal experience that a heated floor is the ultimate luxury. If you’re remodeling or building from scratch, consider having your electrician install electric heating mats under the tile or stone in bathrooms and entryways. Not only will your feet love you, but you usually don’t need another heat source in those areas.

7) Heated shower mirrors. Um, yeah, this is a thing. The great thing about them is that, no matter how long and hot your shower or bath is, you’ll never have another fogged mirror. You can even install one in your shower so you can shave in the shower without constantly wiping your shaving mirror. Can you imagine the luxury?

8) Outdoor lighting. Yeah, we know, most houses have outdoor lighting, and not all are that luxe. But we’re talking about the next step beyond a porch fixture. Imagine spotlights aimed at trees and other landscape fixtures, path lighting that ensures you’re never guessing where the next step is, and elegant new fixtures to increase your curb appeal.

9) Thoughtful wiring in your bedroom. Can you imagine if all the fixtures in your bedroom were wired to a switch near your bed? Not getting up to switch off the lights or the ceiling fan… Now, that’s luxury. If you’re remodeling (or even if you’re not) ask your electrician to wire the lights to a convenient bedside switch, and never leave the comfort of your bed.

10) Automatic lights. This is another little change that makes a big impact on your comfort. Have your electrician install automatic lighting that comes on when you open a door, and automatically goes off when you close it. This is incredibly useful for bedroom and hall closets, pantries, storage areas, and cabinets… all those places that are so often so poorly lit. It’s a true luxury to be able to easily see what you need without fetching a flashlight or fumbling for a light switch.

Bonus! Towel warmers. There is nothing like stepping out of the shower and reaching for a warm, dry towel. Electric towel warmers are the ultimate luxury, especially in damp climates where they prevent mustiness and the discomfort of drying yourself with a still-damp towel. It's a simple installation project for your electrician that will pay off in spades when it comes to comfort.

Got any more electrical upgrades that make your life a little easier? Add them to the comments! We’d love to hear your ideas. And of course, if any of these ideas strike your fancy, we want to talk more about them! Give us a call to schedule a quote.

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